General Chemistry I Lab

Lab Spring 2018

Spring Lab Syllabus
Lab safety sheet:
Lab Safety

Chemistry Club meets tonight: February 1st at 5:00pm in N221. The next meeting will be Feb. 15th. All are welcome!

Lab safety videos:


Lab Schedule

Week Starting: Experiment
January 29 Check-in, Lab Notebook,Excel and Data Analysis
February 5 Exp. 1: Density
February 12 Exp. 2: Separation of a Mixture
February 19 Exp. 3: Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide
February 26 Exp. 4: Precipitation and percent yield, Background and Prodedure Be sure to read both documents.
March 5 Exp. 5: Acid-Base Titration
March 12 Exp. 6: Determination of Calcium Carbonate in Eggshells
March 19 No labs this week
March 26 Exp. 7:Enthalpy of a Chemical Reaction
April 2 Spring Break
April 9 Exp 8: Molar Volume of a Gas
April 16 Exp. 9: Identification of an Unknown
April 23 Exp. 10: Emission & Absorption Spectroscopy
April 30 Exp. 11: Identification of Two Unknown Substances in a Mixture
May 7 Check out

All the laboratory dates are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.

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